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i'm the first :) "While she sleeps"

Yay, i was issued with a challange and here it is. I've never written Hex before, this is my first. But NOT my first f/f :P

Authorsammyjayne or Major_sam on various other f/f sites :P
FIC: While She Sleeps
Pairing: Cassie/Thelma {Is there any other}
Rating: NC:17.. but only just.
Authors notes: It was a challange :P
Archiving: Just here for now. Probably Realm Of The Shadow later. My very, very first Hex. Please be gentle.
Feedback Oh god.. feedback please. Feed me.

While She Sleeps

Thelma's eyes peered out from under her dovet, looking across the across the room at Cassie as she slept.

The room was quiet apart from the soft breathing Cassie was making. Thelma closed her eyes, and moved her hand down her stomach. Gasping slightly as she parted her thighs.

She'd often watch her sleep, then close her eyes and think about how good they'd be together. Thelma thought of her as a delicate flower, one that she'd wanted to nuture.

Her hand moved lower, tracing her favourite blue lace panties. She moved aside the fabric and bit her lip as she slipped in her fingers. Thelma tried to silence herself, but couldn't and let out a soft pleasing cry.

In her daydream, Thelma would always make Cassie pleasure herself first, making sure that she nearly brought herself off before finishing what she started. Cassie would wear those bright pink frilly nickers. Thelma would press her body against hers as she'd run her hand up and down Cassie's thigh. Then they'd kiss. That first sweet kiss. Their bodies moulding together, as well as their lips. Cassie always tasted good. Tasting like her favourite lipstick and the coke that they had with dinner earlier before they'd slinked away to their room. She would move from her lips, teasting her neck as she moved her hand between her thighs, trying to push down the nickers.

Thelma froze as she saw Cassie turn in her sleep, now looking straight at her. She wanted to carry on, she couldn't stop now, even if she could.

Her dream Cassie would be submissive, willing and eager to try anything. One thing always came across Thelma's mind. Why she never imagined Cassie making love to her? Guess that was just too much to ask, even in a daydream.

Cassie let Thelma take off her top and grinned at she ran her finger over her nipple.

'Nice tits.' Thelma would always say.

She moved her fingers faster and her dreamselves tongue painted around Cassie eroused breasts. This was as far as she'd ever gone in her thoughts, always stopping for some reason. Now she didn't want to stop. She panted as hard as she could, as not to be heard by the sleeping angel across the room.

Her dream self, moved down Cassie's body, smiling to herself. Sure she'd seen her in the shower like a million times, but nothing like this. Never have such a willing body lying beneath her. Then she stopped moving, and moved her head to look up at Cassie who was breathless with need, anticipation and desire. She saw it in her eyes, a more than willing look.

Thelma teased the creamy skin of her upper, inner thigh. Cassie rested her hand on her head.

She didn't know how long she could hold on. Thelma was so close, both her and her imaginary Cassie. She closed her eyes, tighter, her thighs grinding together.

Her dream progressed, now lying in between her lover's thighs. Her tongue teasing, tasting her love. She nibbled on her softly. Cassie writhed on the bed, moaning nothings into the room, not even sure if anyone could understand her. Thelma knew she was close and used her fingers to bring her off.

Thelma arched her back and she rose off the bed, panting.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, arghhh."

Cassie's eyes opened, looking across the room at her room-mate and friend.

"Thelmaaaaa... Its like you to wake me up at 3am in the morning. Who was it this time.. Your old gym teacher?' She asked.

Thelma turned on her side, pulling the sheets over her, feeling the inevitable heartache.

"Yeah, yeah, thats right." She mutterd, closing her eyes, and falling asleep to dream again.

Love n Hugs

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