swenglish_ant (swenglish_ant) wrote in hex_fanfiction,

Fic: I've Got To Tell You Something

Written for cahllenge #15 (duty) on 64damn_prompts
Title: I've Got To Tell You Something
Author/Artist: swenglish_ant
Character/Pairing: Thelma/Maya
Fandom: Hex
Disclaimer: surprise, surprise I don't own Hex

I've Got To Tell You Something

Thelma knew that she ought to tell Maya why she’d died, for Maya’s sake of course, but also for Ella’s sake. She really didn’t want Ella to go on that date with Malachi. She needed to protect Ella but at the same time she didn’t want the only chance she might ever have of a proper relationship. Maybe she could wait a bit so Maya had time to understand what a bastard Malachi really was? No she knew what she had to do.

Thelma took a deep breath and entered the room where Maya was sitting reading.

“Maya there’s something I’ve got to tell you.”
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